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With our ability to change a product’s colour, pattern and texture on-screen, we can now offer an alternative, cost effective way of displaying your products.

Our bespoke solution adds a greater degree of flexibility to how your product can be seen by potential customers.

We can provide images of every product in every colour way that you stock.

Sofa displayed in multiple colour ways

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We have the ability to amend both the details and the accessories of your product range.

This process can help your customers visualise how their chosen final product will look.

Feet, trim, handles, studs or piping – we can digitally adapt your base image to offer a cost effective way of displaying your entire product range.

Wooden blind rendered plain and with two colour variations of optional tape

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Change your product colour and texture in the original room set image.

You can even change the surrounding details to match and complement your product.

This option allows you a greater flexibility when considering options for your marketing materials.

A selection of different-styled roller blinds, all created from the same base photography

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Our studio team offer a photographic image clean up service.

This service can help you give a face-lift to existing images of your products.

We can remove imperfections from either Props, Environment or the Product itself.

Wooden furniture retouched, recoloured and retextured

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Do you have existing images that could benefit from having the distracting background noise removed?

We can separate your furniture from every thing else in the image and place it on a crisp, clean white background.

After all, your product deserves to shine!

Bed on white background

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