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How it Works

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Customers Love Choice...

A choice of colour, A choice of pattern, A choice of optional extras.

Customers also love to see what they’re getting, which is why you need product photography that shows them all available options.

However, when there are tens, hundreds or even thousands of variations, how do you photograph all the products without the process becoming impractical?

As product photographers we’re on the frontline of this conundrum, this inspired us to develop a solution…

Customer Who doesn't Know What They're Buying

Realistic Rendering is a unique methodology based on real customer needs...

A client with too many products photograph

In essence it's a process of taking one piece of product photography and applying as many styles, colours and textures to it as required, showing each one in real photographic detail. Our mantra is high volume at high quality.

Creating images in this unique way allows our photographers to focus on quality and then, through our Realistic Rendering process, allows our team to deliver the quantity that your business demands.

The entire process from concept to photography to the finished image is performed in-house, in one building by our multidisciplined team, allowing unparalleled quality control at every stage.

Step One

You ship us a plain-coloured version of your product.

Step Two

Our specialist photographic team will shoot your base product and show it in it's best light; whether you require one image on a plain background or a bespoke, hand-built set with multiple prop options.

a photographer shooting plain white products for digital manipulation
A Designer creating multiple colour variations of a base product

Step Three

Now you have product photography you love, provide us with the materials we need to create the different varieties: These can be pre-made digital swatches, reference images or physical samples that our team will work to digitise.

Step Four

When the materials are all prepared, we'll work with you to create a list or spreadsheet specifying which material gets applied to which base image, and the various options that need to be considered for each.

The end result is beautiful, high quality images showing, in photographic detail, every single variety a product comes in.

Your finished files will be provided to you in the exact size, format and naming convention you specify. Ready for use straight away on your website or catalogue.

Get in touch today and find out how our service will help you.