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A common problem…

A client with too many products photographIn today’s on-demand world offering customers a choice is a market imperative. A customer has no need to look elsewhere for the colour, style or features they want if they know a full range is available from you at their fingertips.

This explosion of customisation has lead to a new array of challenges for the product photography arena. How do you budget and schedule a shoot for an item that comes in hundreds if not thousands of variations? How do you shoot a product that may not even exist until an order is placed for it?

Bad product photography of a phone caseOne solution is to manufacture or import one of everything and physically photograph each item. The products must be produced, shipped to a studio and then the photographers paid for each hour they spend making each desperate shot they take consistent and high quality. At the idea of this many merchants dismiss the idea of professional photography altogether; instead hoping that customers will be able to imagine the appeal of their final products through swatches or, arguably worse, snapping pictures on their phone as items enter the warehouse.

Another method is the use of 3D models, entirely digital recreations of the product which can be re-coloured and re-textured within the software. With time, money and experienced artistry the results of this can be stunning…

A 3D render that gives poor representation of a product

...but more often than not it looks like a shot from a low-budget video game; the costs of true realism through this medium being prohibitively steep.

An innovative solution…

Our Realistic Rendering method blends the ethos of both of the above solutions; your product will be professionally photographed, but not thousands of times over. Different colours, styles and backdrop locations will be applied digitally, but photographic realism will be preserved.

We take one product image

a plain white Venetian blind

...and create infinite variations

Selection of wooden blind product images created through Realistic Rendering

Our mission is to provide a cost-effective avenue for high-volume and on-demand product visulisation without compromising on the high photographic quality we've become known for throughout our careers.

Who we are...


Photography studio infinity Curve

We are a multi-disciplined team of photographers, graphic designers and photoshop experts all working under one roof in our Leeds-based studio.